Scatter Creek Winery is a family owned and operated winery that has been serving Washington communities since March of 2005 when their Wine Master perfected the blends using grapes from Eastern Washington.

 Scatter Creek Winery was just a dream when it started out 14 years ago working to create that perfect blend that our customers now rave about. They may be a small winery compared to others; but, are very proud of what they can do for you, their  family and their friends.

Since they opened up 'The Creek' that cold March day, they have won 10 Medals/Awards from local magazines, newspapers, and the local community festivals they proudly participate in.

White Wine. Chardonnay. Smooth, buttery, with notes of vanilla-oak flavor. Excellent served with seafood, chicken, & soft cheeses.
White Wine. Gewurztraminer. Aged with elderberry flowers, off dry, voted best white, and multiple gold medal winning.
White Wine. Gewurz/Chard. Soft white. Perfectly balanced, not too sweet and not too dry. Mildly aged with elderberry flowers.
Wine. Chardonnay. Multiple gold medal winner. Peach flavored wine that is surprisingly not sweet. Perfect for any occasion.
White Wine. Riesling. Soft & Loaded with strawberries, mildly sweet.
Red Wine. Cab Sav. Bold & Robust. Deep full bodied red. Smooth.
Red Wine. Sryah/Merlot/Cab. Multiple gold medal winner. Voted best red. Big, bold & spicy.
Red Wine. Merlot. Big & Smokey. Great paired with steal & potatoes.
Red Wine. Sangiovese. 2014 best red, fruit froward. Not too sweet with a hint of berries. Good introduction into red wines.
Red Wine. A flavorful blend of Merlot and Berries accentuates this Ruby Red favorite With its soft, supple and easy to drink qualities it is a true treat.
Red Wine. (Syrah-Zinfandel). 2013 Silver Medal Winner: Red blend is fruity on the front, not too dry on the back and will POP when you taste it. A blend of two of the most sought after red wines. Nothing quite like it on the market. So go ahead swirl, savor and fall in love with this dark knight!!! Pairs with: Steak
Dessert Wine. (Chocolate Port) 2013 Silver Medal Winner: 2007 Bronze Medal Winner: This talk of the town fine dessert wine is rich, warm, and full-bodied with a mild chocolaty finish. MUST TRY both warm and chilled!!!! Pairs with: Chocolate dipped strawberries, Chocolate ribbon cheesecake